Online Shopping for Speedo’s

Someone was kind enough to give me a $700 gift card to Nordstrom.  Can you believe that.  You can’t imagine how much mileage you can get out of that, how much pleasure, how much time you can spend.  It’s better than being a kid with an old Sears catalog.  When I was little, my sister and I would look through the Sears catalog and tell our mother that we wanted to order a brother.  I ended up with four sisters and no brothers.  I looked at shoes, of course, tops, slacks, jackets, purses – how I love them – and cosmetics.

Then I looked for cute one piece swimsuits.  I decided that Lands End was the place to look for maybe at this time of the year they had cheap one piece swimsuits.  Well, they were sort of cheap and not all that cute, but one can’t be picky when one is shopping for swimsuits in the winter. Oh, it’s winter, that’s right.  Let’s go back to Nordstrom.

One of my girlfriends shops there, in Fashion Valley, once or twice a month, and you can tell.  I met her last week and she had on new (all from Nordstrom) silvery long-sleeve top, patterned navy blue pants, and the cutest shoes ever.  And she is always decked out in jewelry.  I did wear slacks instead of jeans that day, but I looked like the poor step sister next to her.

Well, back to online shopping.  What will I buy?  I have looked through the tops, pages and pages of them, over and over and I don’t see anything as good as the one she had on.  Maybe I’m looking in the wrong price range.  Oops, I’m looking at sale items.  She never buys anything on sale, unless it is home décor, and she is good at that too.  Let’s hang this online stuff up for another night.