This is old Victorian

Dec 19 2014

In the opinion of journalist Fabio Seixas, the fact that San Lorenzo had difficulty against the champion of Oceania is a bad sign. He recalled the day we visited the facilities of Auckland City and found the degree of amateurism club. When I visited the Auckland City, found the club president painting the bleachers. He greeted me with his wrist and said it was working. It is a quarter of the field, with a wooden bleachers, bedspread sets, for a maximum of three thousand people. That’s nice but it shows the size of the club. If this team complicated for San Lorenzo, that’s a bad sign for San Lorenzo – Seixas said.

Current champion of Oceania, Auckland City is the record holder of shares in the Club World Cup in its new format with six appearances. This year’s campaign is already the best team in the competition. The Auckland eliminated on penalties the Moroccan champion Moghreb Tetouan, in the quarterfinals passed by the Algerian Setif, African champion, and fell on Wednesday in the semifinals before San Lorenzo, champion of the Libertadores Cup. A statement posted on the website of the FARC guerrilla says “resolved to declare a unilateral ceasefire and end hostilities indefinitely” – this is a historic announcement in the peace process with the government of Bogota, which started in 2012 in Cuba.

Since the beginning of negotiations, the rebels declared temporary cease-fires in the last two Christmases and suspended armed action during the elections that this year, given a second term as President Juan Manuel Santos. But had not so far declared a unilateral and unconditional king size comforters. This unilateral ceasefire, which we hope is extended in time, will only be stopped if our guerrilla structures are subjected to any military attack,” reported the FARC. That which is the main Colombian guerrilla has a number of fighters estimated at about 8000.

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Dec 12 2014

It is an interesting realization when you find that you’ve spent a considerable amount of time with someone and still know nothing about them.   A week of makeup removers, a semester of FYS and two weeks on a cruise ship over academic travel and it seems now that Nada and I were just in each other’s presence despite numerous conversations shared it seems that our friendship was in fact only at the “Facebook” level.  We were “friends” because we knew one another but not because we had any real bond.   How long could we have gone on in this mutual acknowledgement, this passive awareness of our shared space?  I realize that I was mistaken in thinking that I knew Nada, for I had never actually taken the time to think about her outside of our forced best oil free eye makeup remover.  So when I sat down with Nada and began the interview I thought about our previous conversations which although they were genuine were superficial.  I had no real knowledge of Nada’s life and even no concrete memory of what we talked about all those times before now.

I guess you would call this a reintroduction for me.  We met in the grotto she’d been there seemingly for a while sitting with a group of mainly Arab students. ..

Nada Abdul Ghaffar, born June 2nd 1992 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  12 years in Jeddah Private school, the same school all 12 years.  She learned the same general studies as I had science and math and literature though hers was Arabic and mine had been English but she had studied religion as is common in private school, I myself was a product of public education and there for separated church and state like all the good little politically correct tax burdens.

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Things that Involve Data

Dec 12 2014

The process of building a company from the ground up is incredibly arduous. We’re inventing every single detail as we go. Ehab must be like, a complete genius because the website looks great. I wonder how things will change this time next year. It’s strange to think that the team will be so much larger. I still have no idea what I want to do in the company. I think I’m leaning toward marketing or media relations. I’ve always excelled in marketing but I am anxious to learn more about Media Relations and I’m even a little intrigued by human resources. I’m good at problem solving and conflict resolution.

I really don’t feel good right now. I keep getting waves of nausea and shivers. I wish I had worn a different top. I really want to be in an oversized long sleeve shirt or a sweatshirt and some big comfy socks. I wish I was in bed, sleeping. I really feel awful. I could probably puke right now. I’m stoked I brought my laptop to work today. It is so nice to sit in this big comfy chair instead of at my desk. I also like being able to see Mulan. Do you know how to use bare minerals?

bare minerals1

Mulan is my lucky bamboo plant. I have a good feeling I’ll be able to keep her alive. The first bamboo plant I had died because I thought it was a fake plant and didn’t water it. Just imagine what kind of bare minerals foundation colors there are. Then my exboyfriend was taking care of it and didn’t know to take one decaying stalk out and it spoiled the whole plant. They say lucky bamboo grows fast and easily, and she’s grown, but not that much. Actually, that’s not true. She’s grown almost six inches since July, and its September now. She has some brown spots but I don’t think she is infected. I think I just leave her in the sun too much.

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Like a glove

Dec 02 2014

OECD data allow to realize that Portugal was one of the countries that registered cases of bribery in international business, but does not discriminate how many. The analysis is more general and shows that, on average, bribery corresponds to 10.9% of the total value of the transaction in question and to 34.5% of the profits, which is equivalent to about 13.8 million under armor dollars bribery.

The more permeable sectors corruption through bribery are in the extractive industry (18%), the construction sector (15%) and the transport sector (15%). In 71% of cases the bribes were delivered through intermediaries – in 41% of cases treated of sales agents, distributors or brokers, 35% were used vehicles business, as consulting firms or subsidiaries. Only in 6% of cases the intermediary was a lawyer.

In most cases, the bribes to foreign officials was made by large companies, that is, with more than 250 employees (60%), and only in 4% of cases were Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to offer these illegal payments to yield advantages.

Since 1999, and considering the 41 countries surveyed by the OECD (including Portugal), were arrested 80 people for involvement in bribery schemes. To date, the penalty of imprisonment harder combined was 13 years for an individual only. Another 38 people were given suspended prison sentences.

In 261 cases fines were imposed, amounting to a total of 1.8 billion spandex shorts. The highest fine imposed was 149 million dollars (120 million euros at current exchange rates). According to the OECD document, the target was the British Jeffrey Tesler, who was sentenced to pay this astronomical fine in 2012 by a Texas court (USA), due to the involvement of a top Nigerian officials bribery scheme to build a factory in African country. It was indeed in the United States that is punished more cases of bribery: 128, followed by Germany with 26, and South Korea, with 11.

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Get Up, Get On Up

Dec 01 2014

James Brown knows no show socks. You wish you were as cool as him. I’m trying to think who my real celebrity idol is…. I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this at times but I’m a big fan of Beyonce. She is smart, obviously talented, she had dominated an empire and worked really hard to do it. And no matter how hard she tries she will never be a stick figure, but that is the best part. She is gorgeous, even more so than all the supermodels who weigh 90lbs because she is real.


I heard that Dena knows Britney Spears and that she may become a big client. But wouldn’t it be cool if we got Beyonce. Hey, maybe we will. We could get lots of famous people if this works out right. I am pretty excited at least.

The good thing is that we have mens socks. If they weren’t working with us, we’d be nowhere. Having them back us is a huge deal. With what? Like 25 million products. Is this real life?

I wonder if there are any celebrities we wouldn’t want to work with. Imagine turning down Nicki Minaj and being like sorry Nicki you’re too trashy for us. We’re not down to work with you. We’re moving up in the world and you don’t belong here with us. Nah, I don’t think we could refuse to work with her.

If there’s anyone I hope we never advertise for, it’s JBiebs. Send him back to Canada ASAP. He’s pretty much a disgrace. If his music was an issue, it’s nothing compared to the train wreck he is now, throwing up milk on stage, lip syncing, crashing cars and getting arrested for whatever he’s up to (it’s not like I would ever read anything written about him in the news so I don’t even know that much). He also was a big reason leather baggy shorts came in style. They look like trash bags. Take Justin Bieber out with the trash. Now. See-Voo-Play.

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Don’t fear the Reaper

Nov 21 2014

Government primary schools will set up a johnson and johnson library in Reliance Life, which will promote gender equality as well as overall quality control for the educational system. He said that libraries provide children with an environment of knowledge and curiosity dictates the habit of learning in young minds. In partnership over the coming years, it will set up libraries in schools. Through this initiative, Reliance Life Insurance’s mission to improve the quality of education in India, aims to strengthen the government’s efforts.


Modi invited Australian investors, he escaped Transparent Investment Policies in India, when baby products Prime Minister, conducted by Queensland premier Campbell Newman was speaking during a breakfast meeting convened gone, where Australia Ki big industrialists were present.

Modi said we made our processes simple and clearly defined. He, affordable health care for everyone, for all sanitation facilities by 2019, and by 2022 for all housing projects to provide electricity to every house referred to. Modi to send trade mission in India also praised Queensland.

He said that in September this year in the Queensland capital of Gujarat Gandhinagar Gujarat was a roundtable on energy. He let me know that you are not biased towards Gujarat, but also Kolkata, Delhi and other places are also sending a delegation. Modi said that clean energy is critical for energy efficiency, the focus should be on solar energy. Coal mining in the province for approval to invest $ 16 billion in praise of Queensland.

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Part tomorrow the October Daunt

Nov 20 2014

The day after tomorrow – Thursday, October 9 – will hold a public meeting in Bit onto (Ba) at the Producers Cooperative Olivicoli   beginning at 17.30. The seminar, given the high profile of the speakers, has a high scientific value and has also a great importance for the entire agricultural sector of the district.

The meeting will be: Vito Scalera , provincial president of trimmer spool, who will present the project, followed by greetings from the President of the CIA Bio, Giuseppe Saragossa , agriculture councilor of the City of Bio,  Domenico Incantalupo , and scientific interventions of prof. Vito Nicola Savino , director of Crsfa “Bazile Acromia” and scientific director of the project “Recovery of the fruit germplasm Puglisi,” and the prof. Salvatore Compose, scientific director of the University of Bari – Department of Environmental and Geographical Sciences Agro.


It will be held tomorrow morning, October 8, the inauguration of the 36th edition of the National Trade Fair “October Daunt.” The ceremony will take place at 10.30 am in the new pavilion that houses the Trade Fair in October. Admission will be free, formula already successfully experimented with the latest edition of the Fair of Agriculture. Change the period of performance, slipping a dozen days compared to previous years; decreases the duration to encourage greater participation of exhibitors.

Five lounges and three exhibitions will be the events accompanying the exhibition and trade Fair. Space to the profession and the professional orders, with the Foggia Professional Expo; sport, with export to the Fair; the voluntary and third sector with the line string trimmer; to activities related to housing, construction, renovation and decor with Next Home – Building & Restructuring; to the world of fantasy with Cove Nerd.

On miss two appointments niche, but highly anticipated by fans: Show the bird, and the Hall of philately and numismatics. Another new feature of this year an exhibition of vintage cars and motorcycles. A package of initiatives that makes the October 2014 Daunt particularly attractive.

The Pavilion 10 will be the center of “export to the Fair”, an event organized by the consortium “We export Foggia”, and aims to provide visibility to sports organizations that operate in the territory of the captains. The program includes sports events – which may also participate in visitors Campion aria – but also opportunities for reflection.

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Motorola Unlocked Phones Make A Big Difference

Nov 12 2014

I like my cell phone. Some of my friend joke that my cell phone is like a part of me. I never leave home without it. I use my phone for many purposes, and not just for chatting with my friends. I am on the web a lot with it. So, cell coverage is very important to me. I like the phones from Motorola. The only thing I did not like was that when I got my phone, I was told that I could only use it for a specific carrier’s plan. I had no choice of a carrier. I did not think much of that until during a business trip, my cell phone coverage kept dropping. I was on the phone with a client, and that experience nearly lost my account. Subsequently, I found out that I could purchase a special code to unlock my phone. Still, I did not like the fact that I had to go through an extra step. I am smarter now. My last phone is a Motorola unlocked phone.

The phone was purchased unlocked already. I did not have to use a special code to unlock it. It made all the difference in the world for me because I suddenly was able to choose my own carrier. I was no longer subjected to just one carrier service that I did not like.

I was so glad when Motorola unlocked their phones and made them available to the consumers. I think they realize that they could actually sell more phones that way. When I told my friends about this, they all thought that their next phone would be an unlocked one. They also experienced frustration of being stuck with a carrier that they did not like.

When you think about it, why would a person not want more choices? A locked phone gives you no choice. If you want to keep the phone, you have to stay with the carrier. That did not make sense to me. An unlocked phone would be a much better alternative for consumers. We can shop around for the best cell service plans that fit our individual needs. That makes my cell phone experience more rewarding. Motorola unlocked phones are my top choice when I have to buy a new phone. I like to be free to choose the carrier that I want without being dictated by another.816SPZvZvvL._SL1500_

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I Will Hulk Out if I Lose

Nov 06 2014

For this reason, the protagonists of the video are all foreign students, which reproduce clearly an experience. And for that comment information transmitted in the clip are essential, basic.

“The theoretical knowledge of a procedure is of little value – explains Gianni Del Buffalo, director of the Foundation of Susanna Angell – what’s missing too often these young people is to have seen what you have to say and do, where you go and how you have to move to obtain the desired result.”

It is the step that aims to move the lighthouse with its video about a Yankees fitted cap.


These days the classrooms and corridors of the Foundation of Susanna Angell turned into a real movie set. Thanks also to the skill of “Digital Artisans,” who are building a concrete initiative in translating images. She wanted a 59fifty black on black cap for Christmas.

Finite shooting and once the post-production phase of the video, The Lighthouse will hold three rounds of six meetings each open to the students of the Foundation, but also to all young foreigners in the capital. To discuss together, starting from images and with the support of intercultural mediators and facilitators, rights and duties.

In practice, and without mincing words. How is it fair that takes place in a truly open society?

Site haywire because of the high number of requests on training courses is a good signal, then the young people want to work…? For sure. The boom of these days confirms it once again. In less than ten minutes we received 529 applications. Numbers that make you think, especially if you think that the places that we can offer for the four courses of this new teaching session, starting in October, just 56.

Al Faro you will learn a trade and then you work: 80 percent of young people who take our courses find a job in the first months following the conclusion of the training. Our students are young Italians and foreigners aged between 16 and 30 years old, from all socio-economic conditions. Many are refugees or are from the circuit juvenile justice, with harsh stories behind them – for us accustomed to the speeches “Article 18 yes or no” – perhaps unthinkable. But all are united by the desire to take control of their lives, with the right step. And we will succeed

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air condition/air conditioning unit

Nov 05 2014


The old inn has been there for over 200 years.  It is a great place if the two visit when you are in town.  It has a large dining room and a large pub area.  I enjoy going there to have dinner or sometimes just to have drinks in the Polly area.  Many years ago or should I say fate two years ago we had my daughter’s reception there.  They did a wonderful job with the meals and reception 4150 people.  Everyone enjoyed the old BN atmosphere and everyone said they had a wonderful meal.  The last time I went there I was enjoying some beer and and appetizer.  We had a lot of fun in their pub the singing along with the guitar player.  The it seems when when ever I tell their real ways are crowded and it is always hard to get a table. Also,there is no air condition The same owner has run the inn for the last 50 years. Some say a few of the rooms are haunted but the night I stayed there I could find no ghosts. It may be because I drank a lot of beer and nothing could wake me up. My friends however insist there are ghosts that roam the halls at night banging on doors and ratteling chains. I think they have been to too many haloween parties and they may be confused. On Thanksgiving they throw a big feast with all the trimmings. However early that morning they have an informal gathering of runners from the village gather in front of the inn where they sing god bless America then everyone takes off running on a 5 mile run. It’s a good idea because it helps a hangover and it gives you an appetite for the thanksgiving feast especially when you stand next to the air conditioning unit. I am very happy this old inn is in our village. It is a great place for dinner or to just hang out.

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Online Shopping for Speedo’s

Oct 14 2014

Someone was kind enough to give me a $700 gift card to Nordstrom.  Can you believe that.  You can’t imagine how much mileage you can get out of that, how much pleasure, how much time you can spend.  It’s better than being a kid with an old Sears catalog.  When I was little, my sister and I would look through the Sears catalog and tell our mother that we wanted to order a brother.  I ended up with four sisters and no brothers.  I looked at shoes, of course, tops, slacks, jackets, purses – how I love them – and cosmetics.

Then I looked for cute one piece swimsuits.  I decided that Lands End was the place to look for maybe at this time of the year they had cheap one piece swimsuits.  Well, they were sort of cheap and not all that cute, but one can’t be picky when one is shopping for swimsuits in the winter. Oh, it’s winter, that’s right.  Let’s go back to Nordstrom.

One of my girlfriends shops there, in Fashion Valley, once or twice a month, and you can tell.  I met her last week and she had on new (all from Nordstrom) silvery long-sleeve top, patterned navy blue pants, and the cutest shoes ever.  And she is always decked out in jewelry.  I did wear slacks instead of jeans that day, but I looked like the poor step sister next to her.

Well, back to online shopping.  What will I buy?  I have looked through the tops, pages and pages of them, over and over and I don’t see anything as good as the one she had on.  Maybe I’m looking in the wrong price range.  Oops, I’m looking at sale items.  She never buys anything on sale, unless it is home décor, and she is good at that too.  Let’s hang this online stuff up for another night.

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